Storm Shelter Beds Provide Severe Weather Protection for Louisiana and Mississippi Residents with Limited Mobility

Storm Shelter for Limited Mobility

Residents of Louisiana and Mississippi who have limited mobility can now have quick in-home access to real protection from severe weather. The Vortex Vault Shelter Bed, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, is the perfect solution for those with mobility issues due to injuries, illness, disabilities, or simple aging. This innovative shelter is hidden under your Twin, Full, Queen or King-sized bed until a severe weather threat emerges. The bed is deployed to a full-size safe room that is right inside your own home. These innovative shelters by Life Lift Systems are built to FEMA guidelines to withstand EF5 tornadoes and hurricane speed winds of 250 MPH. Just open the door. Anyone, with or without a wheelchair, walker or cane, can easily enter safety.

Full Accessibility in Seconds

The Full Three Stage Protection can be fully deployed and ready to access in less than 60 seconds. It can also be accessed in the down position, but the best accessibility for those with mobility issues is with it fully opened. Most people leave it open and ready in the raised position whenever severe weather is predicted. It is simple to operate and enter even in a wheelchair. This amazing new shelter has made it possible to give immediate protection in the home to residents who cannot go down ladders or steps into underground or outdoor traditional shelters. Simply open the door and go right into the safe room without leaving the house.

Storm Shelter Inside Home

Inside Your own Home

There is no place like home when dangers lurks – especially for those whose mobility is compromised. Those who are mostly bedridden or who move about with assistance can find a shelter built to FEMA guidelines right in their own bedroom. Preparing for approaching severe weather, whether it is a tornado, hurricane or straight winds is immensely less stressful with one of our Life Lift Shelter Beds. It can save the lives of those with mobility issues and those who care for them. These amazing shelter beds also provide protection from earthquakes and home invasions, as well.

Hi-Lo Application

Louisiana and Mississippi residents with limited mobility have an added benefit with our Vortex Vault Shelter beds by Life Lift. These Shelter Beds can also serve on a daily basis as a hi-lo application. The same power lift that deploys the shelter can be used to raise and lower the bed to aide in transfer from bed to wheelchair.

Keep your entire family safe through any storm. Contact us at Louisiana Storm and Safety Shelters in Lafayette, Louisiana—where we install anywhere in Louisiana or Mississippi.

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